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No comparison can give the ecological, economical, and elegance of stucco

Elegance of Stucco (EIFS) Look

ECO Wall Board is a lightweight, composite, eco-friendly board, manufactured from renewable resources materials.  It can be made to a wide range of dimensions, including conventional 4 ft x 8 ft panels. ECO Wall Board offers excellent fire and water resistance, soundproofing and insulating properties.  It is fastened to the structural framing either with nails or screws.  Typical uses include:  exterior walls (pre-finished), interior walls (pre-primed and paintable), subflooring, formed mouldings, marine applications and floating docks.

ECO EIFS is a unique Exterior Insulation Finishing System, utilizing ECO Wall Board and TextureStone decorative coating. The TextureStone coating is applied in the factory and sealed with ECO Seal anti-graffiti sealer.  It is available in a textured, stucco, faux brick, or other decorative appearance.  Prefab ECO EIFS panels are shipped to the job site and fastened to the framing structure with screws.  Seams and fastener heads are sealed with ECO Caulk and lightly sprayed with TextureStone.  With an R value of 6.5 per inch, ECO EIFS provides a water resistant, chemical resistant, fire resistant and UV stable EIFS system which is long lasting and low maintenance.


Stucco molding and column appearance of your house enriches artfulness of the minds

"EcoWall Synthetic stucco, EIFS application Systems is an insulating, decorative and protective finish system for exterior walls that can be installed on any type of new and old construction. It is the only exterior wall covering that insulates and provides weather protection in a selection of shapes, colors, and textures that can replicate almost any architectural style or finish material, or stand by itself as an architectural finish. Synthetic stucco, EIFS is an exterior cladding system that consists of components and installation requirements very different from traditional stucco. EcoWall has strength elegant, energy efficient, ecological and economical perspective of stucco. EcoNomy; the house built with Ecowall Systems ensures an optimum temperature in any season, with low utility bills. The durability and quality of the products guarantee the long term value of the building. EcoLogy; Stucco represent one of the basic elements of the house. The source for the stucco is natural environment. By preserving air quality in the house helping the reduce pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency studies shows siding materials and brick productions and portland cement pollutes with the mercury and fine-particulate. Energy; Ecowall invested value so that your home stays energy efficient throughout its lifetime and so that you could always enjoy peacefully. EleGancy; stucco will give a graceful and stylish look to your house. Stucco molding and column appearance of your house enriches artfulness of the minds."Seyfi Tomar, CEO